Against Arranged Marriaged

By Damilola Ojomu Ceaf staff

          I have heard series of stories about parent arranging marriage for their children, few of the arranged marriage are really successful   but others  later end up in divorce or even live separately which shows that the system is a tough one and not advisable.
         There so many dangers attached to this system and trust me it is never a good idea for parent to arrange marriage for there children if they actually want a good and wonderful life for them.
Everyone has different emotional, financial and social requirements and expectations, Putting that ring on and making the vow shows that you are living with that person for the rest of your life, that alone gives you the right to choose for yourself.
       Most parent want their child to marry from one family for one reason or two, either that family is rich or popular, so with this idea they actually want to sell you out and they don’t want to know if you are happy with it or not, i call this a wicked act which must be stop.
Why some arranged marriages fail
        Understanding: This really matter most in a relationship, let me tell you this there are some people who court for several years and months but still find it difficult to understand one another, lack of understanding sometime lead to violence which can cause ones life. How do you intend to understand your partner when you only know each other by name and not by character? how do you want to cope when he gets angry with you? how do you want to know if you have cook the wrong meal? this are things you note before you accept an arranged marriage.
Love: 70 percent of partners in an arrange marriage were not really in love while some are not even ready to love, with out this, the marriage is not on the right track and will eventually lead to divorce. No one will listen to the excuse that your marriage was arranged out of your own will.
Dangers in some arranged marriage
Violence: When you don’t know the character of your partner both of you will use your time to argue and fight everyday of your life, this can cause several injuries for the weak partner and can even end the life of that partner.
Interference of extended family: The benefit of how close extended families are not more than the harm caused  by them, they will want to know every activities going on in your home and often give you advise that will not even work out. Some parent encourage their child to do what is wrong when they know it is actually wrong.
Arranged marriage don’t last long, it end in divorce while some who thinks they will actually continue and endure comes out every day with injuries. choose wisely and do not be pushed to what you don’t want to do for it is your life and no one will assist you to share the pains in it.
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Author: Paul Thomson

Paul Akinyemi Thomson General Co-ordinator He is the founder of Comfort Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation. An organization that provides Humanitarian Services in Africa and America. Based in the United states, Paul is a seasonal speaker, an avid blogger and a strong advocate for Women Empowerment.

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