The Good Relationship

By Damilola Ceaf Staff


Trying to have a good and promising relationship is not something that comes easily; there are serious obstacles that make it unbearable and un-enduring. When seeing two people with mutual feelings and qualities trying to maintain a good relationship but still they make errors. Having qualities sometime does not guarantee a perfect relationship but how the relationship is been maintained by each partner is paramount.

Sometimes people find it difficult to realize that they were in the wrong relationship but still they wanted to continue just because they believed other partner can change over time. Some even contemplate if they should find another partner so as not to waste time and energy on a phony relationship. Here are few ways to improve and maintain a good relationship.

Communication: This is important in a relationship because it enable individual to share common and related interest/story or gist, the way we talk and listen to each other.  Trying to know each other matter a lot, so as not to offend each other, keeping silence kills a relationship. What we want to communicate to our partner should be clear and positive. Some people find it difficult to discuss some things with their partner but this should not be so, both partners should be free to talk to themselves about their feelings and other things. With this, both partners will correct their errors and maintain a lasting relationship.

Trust: This is why most relationship fails; trust really matters in a relationship, when partners trust themselves there will be freedom of expression of any issue with each other.  When there is no trust one party might thinks the other is cheating and does not have the same feeling he or she have. When there is no trust several accusations of wrong doing shall be brought up.

Honesty: when both party are honest with each other the relationship tend to work perfectly, because with this no one has something to hide, being sincere to each other do not only prove our honesty but makes others learn from us.

Knowing how to apologise and forgive: We are all human and we all make mistake some time, so no one is a saint but, when we make mistakes we should be able to tender an apology to our partner and as well forgive one another when we make mistakes after all, to err is human, and to forgive is divine.

Dialogue: In a relationship issues/matters should be discussed thoroughly though argument will arise but conclusion should be met, no one should try to blame a situation on another partner.

Separate feelings from fact: When you love someone, it actually gets into your head but when trying to do something you should try and act or say the fact and not base it on feeling.  Because this actually will be your weakness and it will be used against you.

Ask questions: sometimes it might be a foolish question but try to ask what you really don’t understand, so as to make you know who you are dealing with. This really help in trying to know you partner very well.

And lastly be Committed: putting everything in Faith is also important and because he never fails.

With this I think we have helped someone in his or her relationship

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Things that happen when you make someone a priority in your life

By Paul A.Thomson


When you love someone so much certainly you’ll make them a priority in your life but what do you think when the feeling isn’t communal? When there is no mutual feeling in this relationship things start to go wrong. It is not that you should not love or give your heart out but do not put the whole of your life on it.

Making someone a priority in your life

Being in love is the sweetest thing, because you heart is opened and you have a feeling, it’s really good to love someone but there is difference between loving someone and making them your priority in your. This are things most people do but serve as their weakness as time comes.

When you love someone so much it is like you’re taking a risk because your love may be reciprocated mutually, or maybe it won’t. When you want to have a happy life and relationship you need to take your time to love someone. This is a safe way to ensure that you’re not giving your heart to someone who is going to tear it apart.

Sometimes, people are just self-seeking and there’s nothing you can do about it because it is part and parcel of them. People who don’t make an attempt to be polite to you should be avoided. Love, feelings and friendliness should never be based on one side. When neglected in a relationship it burns the heart than facing break up.

A relationship should be give and take

When you are in a relationship both of you should have something to offer and gain but it should not be based on a particular person to keep doing the nicest things and that keeps the wheel of love revolving effortlessly.

There should be a perfect give and take in a relationship for it to be called a happy relationship, there should be a common feeling but when it turns the other way round one partner will start to feel tired and upset.

Signs you’ve made someone a priority when you’re only an option

When you are in a relationship and you think you are not getting anything in return from it and you feel you are losing there is possibility that you are in a one sided relationship and this are signs to find out that you are giving some one more priority than they deserve in your life.

#1 They will always expect you to give, but they will never have anything to offer you.

#2  You’re just a ‘Plan B’ in their life and they always choose you when they have nothing better to do.

#3 They will never care about your feelings or affection, they will never want to listen to you when you bring up issues about the relationship.

#4 You feel hurt lonely sometimes when you’re around this person.

#5 They treat others in a special way and give them a lot of attention, but you’re never given any preference no matter how hard you try to please them.

#6  They will always take you for granted no matter how much you try to win their love.

#7  The communication is not always smooth enough and they keep complaining of different issues.

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Why some Marriage fails

By Damilola CEAF Staff



People want to be love, have a good family, and prove to their mate they are responsible but they never know how to keep their marriage moving on the right track. Deadly mistakes are made before marriage and this always bring on  the red flag, there are mistakes been made that cost you your marriage. In fact, this mistake may be done without even realizing it.

Do you actually complain about your partner a lot, do you actually bring up issues that do not really matters and make it a serious on, when this is done there will always be a constant fight between the both of you because unnecessary issues will be brought up every time, if this is true about you and that is actually one of the mistake killing your marriage.

Each partner start monitoring each other and finding fault in themselves, when giving and receiving a ring on your wedding day, signing that document and also making vows to accept you partner in good and bad times are not just regular things made to be done on wedding days, but this are done for each partner to accept each other’s flaws. We are all human and we make mistake, but mistakes are meant to be corrected and not for accusation “every single person in this world has flaws”.

It now become  too common that as time goes on people get comfortable and take each other for granted, these little  issues become large in our mind and we forget to appreciate what our partner does so well because we’re focusing on that one thing he or she can’t do right.

Fixing this issue takes two steps. The first one is realizing you’re doing it if you don’t already. The second is how to stop and what issues are worth letting go… and what aren’t.

Are You Slamming Your Partner Too Much?

Do you actually tell close people and about your partners flaws or wrong doing? Do you nag at your partner so if this really happens you really no focusing on how to improve your marriage but killing it gradually.

How to Stop

First, you should know why you get obsessed over these small issues or why you keep nagging at your partner so much, are you really happy with it? If you aren’t happy with it, you should get yourself back to happiness, and that may means seeing a counselor. Perhaps you need to devote some time alone with your man. Maybe it’s time to even spice things up a bit. Or why not try a new hobby or activity with your partner?

Stop doing the same thing over and over. The trick is to break out of it when it’s happening. Don’t resist. Be open to change.

If you start to contribute to your partners life positively, quit complaining and checking your partner’s flaw, Every time you have something good to say, you’re investing in your partner life positively and every time you have something bad to say, you’re withdrawing. What marriage require is by saying to you partner that “Even if you drive me crazy, I love you too much to be without you.


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Ways to know someone will be your real match

By Damilola CEAF Staff


There are different people finding themselves in a relationship but at time it is very difficult know who their real match is. In a relationship you want to find someone who you share the same belief, interests, and goal together. In a relationship you should know and understand your partner, compatibility matters in a relationship as well so has not to have a fail or broken marriage.


How do you know if your partner is your real match: There ways to assess the level of compatibility in your relationship.

  1. Examine your partner carefully: Time should be created by you and your partners to know each other very well, with this, similarities and differences between you will be revealed.
  2. Know your qualities: What are the things you have and don’t have, things that are you are share in common, what you are looking for, what you want and what you want to stay away from. With this you will really what you are dealing with.
  3. Don’t pretend of having mutual feelings: Don’t ever pretend of having the same feelings or interest, don’t act out just because you like what you see but let your partner know what you really enjoy doing if you do this you are really not pulling your legs over time, this false passion will fade away.
  4. Assess your combination. Try to know what you have in common, what you like and what your partner likes as well, so with this you will know the kind of activities you can both do together.
  5. Share family background: Meeting and showing your family to your partner is also help because it makes you know the kind of relative you will be dealing with in future.
  6. Identify the differences that do exist. No matter how you share the same interest, there will definitely be a certain difference between the both of you. Having differences doesn’t make it the end of the relationship, this are thing you should work on.
  7. Ask question about future. Know what you and your partner have for yourself in future. Ask question about how your partner see himself self in the nearest future, how he hope to build up a family. Know if your goals and aspirations for the future match each other’s?


  1. Evaluate your adaptability. This will be a vital point for handling each other and also know areas where you aren’t compatible.

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What real mean want in a woman

By Damilola CEAF Staff

There are certain things about a woman that will always make any man want to go after her and make him come to a decision to get to know her on a deeper level. Dressing well and applying make ups does make you a great woman or doesn’t make a man want to make you is wife but there are different things men want from women which you need to know.

So what does a mature, REAL man want in a woman?

#1) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Playful
Men really like to be playful, they play a lot and want to connect that with their woman and also people around them but most women makes mistakes of trying to be free sometime, have fun but they will actually get serious all the time and want to talk and talk to the man thinking they will get the heart of the man with this way.  Sometimes your words is not actually the main thing that get a man attracted to you, it’s what you create with him.

You can watch or play sports together, be competitive in casual games you’ll really ramp up the attraction and interest.

#2) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Independent

Women definitely make the mistake of believing that men are looking for someone who they can exercise power on, give other to and then they will follow, but they gotten it all wrong at this point because men really want someone will motivate them, impact new ideas into them and also give advice.

Men want a woman who inspires them because she has great things going on her own life. They want a woman who has her own idea other than being in a relationship.

What matters to a man is that a woman still has space in her life for a great relationship and is grounded and present when she’s with him.

When women stays busy in their own life and not suddenly make man is priority.  Don’t neglect your own personal activity, interests, responsibilities and friends just to be with him always.  And also when you are with him let him feel your presence have fun and give your attention to him and what you’re doing together.

#3) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Emotionally Mature

A woman should learn how to handle are feelings to a man in a calm way and make him understand she is mature, a man should be able to understand you feelings in other to connect to you world.  How a woman controls her emotions is really important and these are things men look for when deciding whether or not to get serious with a woman.  If she lets her emotions get out of hand it is dangerous.

On the other hand, if her feelings are presented in a calm manner, she will win his respect and make him feel like a better partner to him.  He’ll see that she can handle things very well rather waiting to be treated like a queen.

#4) A Real Man Wants A Woman He’s Intensely Attracted To
You are not to force a man to like you that fast in a relationship but instead you should keep calm and let thing work naturally,  There’s nothing more interesting in relationship to a man than to have a great woman who knows how to relax and have fun.