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The Good Relationship

By Damilola Ceaf Staff   Trying to have a good and promising relationship is not something that comes easily; there are serious obstacles that make it unbearable and un-enduring. When seeing two people with mutual feelings and qualities trying to maintain a good relationship but still they make errors. Having qualities sometime does not guarantee a perfect relationship but how the relationship is been...

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Things that happen when you make someone a priority in your life

By Paul A.Thomson   When you love someone so much certainly you’ll make them a priority in your life but what do you think when the feeling isn’t communal? When there is no mutual feeling in this relationship things start to go wrong. It is not that you should not love or give your heart out but do not put the whole of your life on it. Making someone a priority in your life Being in love is the sweetest...

December 28, 2016 by Paul Thomson 0 Comments
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Why some Marriage fails

By Damilola CEAF Staff     People want to be love, have a good family, and prove to their mate they are responsible but they never know how to keep their marriage moving on the right track. Deadly mistakes are made before marriage and this always bring on  the red flag, there are mistakes been made that cost you your marriage. In fact, this mistake may be done without even realizing it. Do you actually...

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Ways to know someone will be your real match

By Damilola CEAF Staff   There are different people finding themselves in a relationship but at time it is very difficult know who their real match is. In a relationship you want to find someone who you share the same belief, interests, and goal together. In a relationship you should know and understand your partner, compatibility matters in a relationship as well so has not to have a fail or broken...

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What real mean want in a woman

By Damilola CEAF Staff There are certain things about a woman that will always make any man want to go after her and make him come to a decision to get to know her on a deeper level. Dressing well and applying make ups does make you a great woman or doesn’t make a man want to make you is wife but there are different things men want from women which you need to know. So what does a mature, REAL man want in a...

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